Silver Surfer, Ep. 3: Freedom
07 Apr. 2017

Silver Surfer, Ep. 3: Freedom

This episode could be the only podcast episode to discuss the Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers run on Silver Surfer in great detail! After being tied to Earth by Galactus (and Stan Lee) for over twenty years, the Surfer is finally able to roam the galaxies once again! Listen to Kurtis and James discuss just how truly monumental this actually is!

Issues discussed: Epic Illustrated #1, Silver Surfer, Vol. 2 #1, Silver Surfer, Vol. 3 #1-14, Super-Villain Classic #1, Marvel Fanfare #51

This episode uses clips from interviews with Steve Englehart and Joe Rubinstein. The full interviews and many others are available as exclusive perks for our Patreon supporters.



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  1. […] Kurtis is back with another interview with writer Steve Englehart! This time they discuss taking Silver Surfer to new places, the late Marshall Rogers, and why his time on SS and FF was so short lived. This is a companion episode to Silver Surfer, Ep. 3: Freedom.  […]

  2. […] Kurtis talks to prolific inker Joe Rubinstein about working on Silver Surfer with Marshall Rogers! They also discuss a few other parts of Rubinstein’s career, such as Amazing Spider-Man and Wolverine! This is a companion episode to Silver Surfer, Ep. 3: Freedom. […]

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