Iron Fist, Ep. 1: The Fury of Iron Fist
04 May. 2017

Iron Fist, Ep. 1: The Fury of Iron Fist

Hot on the heels of the new Netflix series, Kurtis and Brian take a look at the early days of Iron Fist, from the origin story in Marvel Premiere, to the change of pace when Claremont and Byrne launch Danny Rand’s first ongoing series, to the grand conclusion when the book was cancelled after fifteen issues.

Issues discussed: Marvel Premiere #15-25, Iron Fist #1-5, Marvel Team-Up #63-64

This episode uses clips from interviews with Larry Hama, Chris Claremont and Doug Moench. The full Claremont and Hama interviews as well as many others are available as exclusive perks for our Patreon supporters. The full Moench interview can be found on the Comics Shenanigans Podcast website.



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  1. Grant Wallace says:

    Got to agree the MP issues are definitely hit and miss until Claremont came aboard. You know its not that exciting when you hope another Marvel hero guest stars.

    Interesting to hear the comments on the MTU issues. I don’t think it ever struck me at the time but reading it in order in the EPIC, it definitely feels like a tying up of loose plot points.

    Surprised the cover for Iron Fist #8 didn’t rate a mention. The only Byrne cover and it blew me away back in ’76. 🙂

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