20 Jun. 2019

Excalibur, Ep. 1b: The Two-Edged Sword

Kurtis and Jonny continue right where they left off last week, talking about some more of the earliest Excalibur adventures! We have Arcade, Mojo, X-Babies, Looney Tunes and even Nazis! There is more weirdness than you can shake a stick at!

Issues discussed: Excalibur #4-11, Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem, Marvel Comics Presents #31-38

This episode includes clips from interviews with Terry Kavanagh and Erik Larsen. Check out our exclusive interviews available as perks for our Patreon supporters.



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  1. "Groovy" Mike Decker says:

    Kurtis & Jonny,

    I’ve now listened to both EXCALIBUR EPIC COLLECTION episodes three times and I really enjoy them. I’m a big fan of the Claremont/Davis era of EXCALIBUR and your coverage brings back a lot of fond memories. I just picked up Volume 4 which collects what I consider to be the end of the Golden Age of EXCALIBUR as I feel the series lost a lot of its appeal after issue #50.

    Could you please get on with it and cover Volume 2 “The Cross-Time Caper” & Volume 3 “Girl’s School From Heck!” very soon?


    “Groovy” Mike Decker

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