Daredevil. Ep. 18: Fall from Grace
05 Jan. 2018

Daredevil. Ep. 18: Fall from Grace

Kurtis and Adam tackle Daredevil’s 90s epic, Fall from Grace! Some love it, others hate it. Where do our hosts stand? Also included in this episode is the lesser known story, Tree of Knowledge. Kick off the new year with a new episode of The Epic Marvel Podcast!

Issues discussed: Daredevil #319-332 and Annual #10.

This episode includes clips from an interview with D.G. Chichester. Check out our exclusive interviews available as perks for our Patreon supporters.



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  1. […] Kurtis talks about Devil of Hell’s Kitchen with D.G. Chichester! The discussion includes Fall of the Kingpin, Fall from Grace, Tree of Knowledge, Daredevil’s new costume, the return of Elektra, and not knowing that he got fired off the book! This is a companion episode to Daredevil, Ep. 18: Fall from Grace. […]

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