Iron Man, Ep. 11: Duel of Iron
19 Jan. 2018

Iron Man, Ep. 11: Duel of Iron

Kurtis and James resume their journey though 80s Iron Man! Jim “Rhodey” Rhodes has firmly established himself as Iron Man, Tony has literally lost everything due to his relaps in alcoholism, and everything comes to a head when old Iron Man has to face new Iron Man! Join our hosts as they dig deep into this often overlooked era of Iron Man!

Issues discussed: Iron Man #178 – 195, Iron Man Annual #6-7

This episode includes clips from an interview with Denny O’Neil. Check out our exclusive interviews available as perks for our Patreon supporters.



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  1. Patrick McNally says:

    Amazon has listed further Epic Collection volumes for Iron Man & Captain America that are being readied for print. For some reason they haven’t shown on your list yet.

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