Interview: Mark Pacella on X-Force
31 May. 2018

Interview: Mark Pacella on X-Force

Mark Pacella isn’t a household name like Rob Liefeld or Todd McFarlane, but he made an impact on X-Force taking over the penciling chores after Liefeld’s departure. He talks about getting in a fight with Larry Hama, the time when Bob Harras put masking tape all over his X-Force pages, when he was told not to talk to the press about Northstar’s coming out story in Alpha Flight #106, and the time Stan Lee gave him the ultimate compliment! This is a companion episode to X-Force, Ep. 1: Under the Gun.

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X-Force, Ep. 1: Under the Gun
X-Force, Ep. 1: Under the Gun
May 24, 2018 - 1 comment

3 Responses

  1. Larry Hama says:

    Bullshit. You can ask anybody who ever worked with me, I would never say I couldn’t show him how to do it. I never told artists that I just didn’t like something, I was always ready to whip out the pencil and do layouts, or show how the storytelling was supposed to go. And if he had thrown a punch at me, there would have been blood.

  2. Kurtis Findlay says:

    Larry, I thought the same thing as you when he was telling me that!

  3. mark pacella says:

    I loved what you did with Sylveste . I was just starting out. He was an artist that just blew me and everyone out of the water, especially on your Wolverines. You were extremely unhappy with what I did. You tried to explain to me how Marc (was much better, and how little you thought of my work) would have solved things better. I countered that I was not in his caliber.You continued to carry on without offering any suggestions as to how solve problems. I gave you my pencil, I said show me. You thought so little of me I guess that was why you put the pencil down. You disparaged Gil Kane in regard to my art (who I always love) and the discussion ended with us agreeing and later meeting for a talk at your office somewhere else.You carried on about Michael Golden
    and I listened. But yes, in Bob’s office it got tense, I was headstrong and you were dismissive without being helpful. Blood? Hugs to you always.I’m sorry now we didn’t tear into it, that would have been fun, at least to hear bob screaming:)>
    Be happy and well Larry always.

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