Interview: Mark Pacella on X-Force
31 May. 2018

Interview: Mark Pacella on X-Force

Mark Pacella isn’t a household name like Rob Liefeld or Todd McFarlane, but he made an impact on X-Force taking over the penciling chores after Liefeld’s departure. He talks about getting in a fight with Larry Hama, the time when Bob Harras put masking tape all over his X-Force pages, when he was told not to talk to the press about Northstar’s coming out story in Alpha Flight #106, and the time Stan Lee gave him the ultimate compliment! This is a companion episode to X-Force, Ep. 1: Under the Gun.

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X-Force, Ep. 1: Under the Gun
X-Force, Ep. 1: Under the Gun
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2 Responses

  1. Larry Hama says:

    Bullshit. You can ask anybody who ever worked with me, I would never say I couldn’t show him how to do it. I never told artists that I just didn’t like something, I was always ready to whip out the pencil and do layouts, or show how the storytelling was supposed to go. And if he had thrown a punch at me, there would have been blood.

  2. Kurtis Findlay says:

    Larry, I thought the same thing as you when he was telling me that!

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