Crossover Special: The Incredible Hulk vs. Superman
02 Sep. 2019

Crossover Special: The Incredible Hulk vs. Superman

Welcome to the very first episode of a brand new series of our podcast! This is The Epic Marvel Crossover Podcast! Every month, your hosts William Hoffknecht and Jim Mason will discuss one story in which a Marvel character comes face to face with a hero from a different universe (DC, Image, Dynamite, Malibu, etc.)! In this premiere episode, the Green Goliath trades blows with the Man of Steel! Leave us some feedback here or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to let us know what you think!

Issues discussed: The Incredible Hulk vs. Superman

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  1. Great first episode, and I have to mention that the X-Men / New Teen Titans crossover is not only my favorite crossover, it’s my favorite stand-alone comic book of all time. The Superman / Spider-Man books never felt like they belonged in the continuity of either character to me, though they were good enough for the groundbreaking works they are. Batman / Hulk was pretty much just a gimmick to capitalize on the network appeal both properties held. The New Teen Titans and the All-New All Different Uncanny X-Mem we’re both headliners as comic books, and this crossover represents NOT what made them the hits that they were, which is the amazing characterization and interaction ( they were both as much soap opera as they were action based), but does grab everything that made them eye-catching team books with relatable characters that have relatively tight continuities at that point, and then ramped everything to eleven with the Marvel villain everyone wanted but no one expected… AND THEN pegged out at twelve by tossing in a DC villain that was the Marvel villain’s equal.

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