Ant-Man/Giant-Man, Ep. 1b: The Birth of Giant-Man
14 Jun. 2018

Ant-Man/Giant-Man, Ep. 1b: The Birth of Giant-Man

Part two of our giant-size episode about Ant-Man/Giant-Man! Kurtis and Eric pick up right where they left off with Ant-Man making his transition to the larger than life hero known as Giant-Man! Hank and Jan face returning villains like The Porcupine, and new villains like The Human Top! Spider-Man and the Hulk also stop by to say hi! After this episode you’ll know more than you ever wanted to know about Ant-Man and Giant-Man!

Issues discussed: Tales to Astonish #49-59

This episode includes a clip from an interview with Larry Lieber. Check out our exclusive interviews available as perks for our Patreon supporters.

NOTES: Listener JC Carlos helped us remember a couple of things we couldn’t while recording! Here are his comments:

The issue you’re thinking of is FF #2; “Skrulls From Outer Space” where Reed shows the Skrull captain pages from Strange Tales and Journey Into Mystery to convince him Earth is too dangerous to invade.

And only 8 issues later in FF #10, Stan and Jack make their Marvel Universe debut as the creators of the in-universe Fantastic Four comic.

Also; the Microverse had appeared earlier in FF #16 (a story that guest starred Ant Man); about 8 months prior to the Porcupine story from Tales to Astonish #53.

Your guess was right.



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