02 Feb. 2021

Unavailable Epic Collections



For a visual representation of what the Marvel Epic Collection covers, check out this cool spreadsheet!

Here is the latest list of Epics that are unavailable to order through Diamond as of February 3. This doesn’t mean that they are OOS/OOP forever, only that Diamond doesn’t have any copies to send to comic shops at the moment. “Low stock” means there are under 100 units in the Diamond warehouse.

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Conan Chronicles 2: The Heart of Yag-Kosha *NEW*
Conan Chronicles 4: The Battle of Shamla Pass
Conan Chronicles 5: Horrors Beneath the Stones
Sgt. Fury 1: The Howling Commandos *NEW*
Star Wars: Original Marvel Years 4 *NEW*
Thor 18: The Black Galaxy *NEW*
Thor 19: Thor War *NEW*
Thor 23: Worldengine *NEW*


ASM 1: Great Power *NEW*
ASM 2: Great Responsibility
ASM 3: Spider-Man No More
ASM 4: The Goblin Lives
ASM 5: The Secret of the Petrified Tablet
ASM 7: Goblin’s Last Stand (new printing!) *NEW*
ASM 15: Ghosts of the Past
ASM 17: Kraven’s Last Hunt
ASM 19: Assassin Nation
ASM 22: Round Robin
ASM 25: Maximum Carnage
Avengers 5: This Beachhead Earth
Avengers 7: The Avengers/Defenders War
Avengers 9: The Final Threat*
Avengers 17: Judgment Day
Avengers 21: The Collection Obsession
Avengers 22: Operation Galactic Storm
Avengers 23: Fear the Reaper
Avengers West Coast 2: Lost in Space-Time
Avengers West Coast 4: Vision Quest *NEW*
Black Panther 2: Revenge of the Black Panther*
Captain America 1: Captain America Lives Again*
Captain America 3: Bucky Reborn
Captain America 4: Hero or Hoax?
Captain America 9: Dawn’s Early Light*
Captain America 13: Justice is Served
Captain America 15: The Bloodstone Hunt
Captain America 16: Streets of Poison
Captain America 17: The Superia Stratagem
Conan Chronicles 1: Out of the Darksome Hills
Conan Chronicles 3: Return To Cimmeria
Conan the Barbarian: The Original Marvel Years 1
Daredevil 2: Mike Murdock Must Die!
Daredevil 4: A Woman Called Widow
Daredevil 14: Heart of Darkness
Daredevil 18: Fall From Grace
Daredevil 19: Root of Evil
Daredevil 20: Purgatory & Paradise (moved from low stock)
Doctor Strange 1: Master of the Mystic Arts*
Doctor Strange 3: A Separate Reality
Doctor Strange 8: Triumph and Torment
Excalibur 1: The Sword is Drawn
Fantastic Four 2: The Master Plan of Doctor Doom*
Fantastic Four 3: The Coming of Galactus
Fantastic Four 4: The Mystery Of The Black Panther
Fantastic Four 18: The More Things Change (moved from low stock)
Fantastic Four 21: The New Fantastic Four
Incredible Hulk 1: Man or Monster?*
Incredible Hulk 2: The Hulk Must Die
Incredible Hulk 4: In The Hands Of Hydra
Incredible Hulk 19: Ghost of the Past
Incredible Hulk 20: Future Imperfect
Incredible Hulk 21: Fall of the Pantheon
Incredible Hulk 22: Ghosts of the Future
Iron Man 2: By Force of Arms
Iron Man 3: The Man Who Killed Tony Stark
Iron Man 14: Return of the Ghost
Iron Man 15: Doom
Iron Man 16: War Games
Marvel Two-in-One 1: Cry Monster* (moved from low stock)
Master of Kung Fu 1: Weapon of the Soul
Moon Knight 1: Bad Moon Rising*
Moon Knight 2: Shadows of the Moon
Moon Knight 3: Final Rest
Ms. Marvel 2: The Woman Who Fell to Earth
New Mutants 2: The Demon Bear Saga
Power Man & Iron Fist 1: Heroes for Hire*
Punisher 2: Circle Of Blood
Punisher 3: Kingpin Rules
Star Wars: Clone Wars Vol. 2
Star Wars: Clone Wars 3 (moved from low stock)
Star Wars: Infinities
Star Wars: Legacy 1
Star Wars: Legacy 2
Star Wars: Menace Revealed 1
Star Wars: Menace Revealed 2
Star Wars: New Republic 1
Star Wars: New Republic 4
Star Wars: Old Republic 1
Star Wars: Original Marvel Years 1
Star Wars: Rise of the Sith 1
Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi 1 (moved from low stock)
Thor 1: The God of Thunder
Thor 2: When Titans Clash
Thor 3: The Wrath of Odin
Thor 4: To Wake the Mangog
Thor 5: The Fall of Asgard
Thor 11: A Kingdom Lost
Thor 17: In Mortal Flesh
Wolverine 1: Madripoor Nights*
Wolverine 2: Back to Basics
Wolverine 13: Blood Debt (moved from low stock)
X-Factor 1: Genesis & Apocalypse*
X-Factor 7: All-New, All-Different *NEW*
X-Force 2: X-Cutioner’s Song (moved from low stock)
X-Men 1: Children of the Atom
X-Men 2: Lonely Are The Hunted
X-Men 3: The Sentinels Live*
X-Men 4: It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn
X-Men 5: Second Genesis
X-Men 6: Proteus
X-Men 12: The Gift
X-Men 17: Dissolution & Rebirth
X-Men 19: Mutant Genesis*

MOVED OFF THE UNAVAILABLE LIST (which means you should be able to order them now):

ASM 21: Return of the Sinister Six
Ant-Man/Giant-Man 1: The Man in the Ant Hill
Avengers 2: Once an Avenger
Avengers 4: Behold…the Vision
Avengers 16: Under Siege
Avengers West Coast 1: How The West Was Won
Captain America 2: The Coming of the Falcon
Captain America 12: Society of Serpents
Captain America 22: Man Without a Country
Daredevil 1: The Man Without Fear
Daredevil 13: A Touch of Typhoid
Daredevil 21: Widow’s Kiss
Defenders 8: The Six-Fingered Hand
Fantastic Four 17: All in the Family
Fantastic Four 20: Into the Time Stream
Fantastic Four 25: Strange Days
Iron Man 10: The Enemy Within
Iron Man 11: Duel of Iron
Iron Man 13: Stark Wars
Power Man & Iron Fist Epic Collection: Revenge!
Silver Surfer 3: Freedom
Star Wars: New Republic 2
Star Wars: Old Republic 3
Star Wars: Original Marvel Years 2
Thor 11: A Kingdom Lost
Thor 12: Runequest
Wolverine 8: The Dying Game


Okay, it seems that many of the Epics that we saw fall in the bloodbath in December and now available again. So what happened? I am not really sure. Maybe there were a bunch of returns or cancelled orders? Or maybe only set a certain number of copies for the liquidation and put a temporary hold on the rest so they wouldn’t get mixed up? Whatever the reason, it is great to see that these books are all back on the table!


02/10/21 X-Factor 1: Genesis and Apocalypse
02/17/21 Black Panther 2: Revenge of the Black Panther
03/03/21 Captain America 1: Captain America Lives Again
03/24/21 X-Men 3: The Sentinels Live
03/24/21 Fantastic Four 2: The Master Plan of Doctor Doom
04/07/21 Marvel 2-in-1 1: Cry Monster
05/12/21 Avengers 9: The Final Threat
05/19/21 Power Man/Iron Fist 1: Heroes for Hire
06/02/21 Moon Knight 1: Bad Moon Rising
06/09/21 Incredible Hulk 1: Man or Monster
06/23/21 X-Men 19: Mutant Genesis
07/07/21 Captain America 9: Dawn’s Early Light
07/21/21 Dr. Strange 1: Master of the Mystic Arts
Fantastic Four 1: World’s Greatest Comic Magazine
Wolverine 1: Madripoor Nights

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